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    Situated in the southwest of Poland on a private lake.
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Camping Forteca is located near the town of Dzierzoniow in the southwest of Poland, about 15 minutes from the Giant Mountains Range.

Driving from the West you can take the border crossing at Gorlitz or Forst / Cottbus. The big advantage of Gorlitz is that the motorway is of very good quality. Once you leave the A4 motorway at the KOSTOMŁOTY exit, you better disable your navigation because it will send you via small inner secondary roads through the Sleza reserve. In kilometers this is shorter but with a caravan or RV very uncomfortable.

The best way is to take the number 5 south from Kostomłoty and follow it towards (but not to) Jelenia Góra. Past the village ‘Osiek’, turn left towards Żarów and Świdnica. You will end up on a new road after a few minutes.

Once you have arrived in Świdnica, follow the Dzierzoniów signs. In Dzierżoniów follow the Wrocław signs and after 3 km past the city border you will reach Uciechów, we are located north of Dzierżoniow, in the direction of ‘Lagiewniki’ and ‘Wroclaw’)

We have two access roads: you can turn off the main village road in Uciechów and exit via the old road 384 at Forteca. Or you drive a bit further and immediately exit in Uciechów from the new fastlane road and you will see the campsite ahead of you.

ATTENTION: There are two villages called ‘Uciechów’ in Poland. You must choose Uciechów – Dzierżoniowski.

The other option is Uciechów – Odolanów. You should NOT choose this one, this place is 160 km northwest of Wrocław.

The Google route planner coordinates are as follows: 50 ° 45’20 “N 16 ° 41’40” E

If you can not find the campsite, please call us and we’ll be happy to explain it to you. 0048 725 48 8000


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