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    Situated in the southwest of Poland on a private lake.
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About us

Camping Forteca

We are Anna & Mathijs van Dijk and we have a daughter Jaśmina. Anna is of Polish origin and Mathijs a Dutchman born in Gouda. After some wanderings and short residential periods in the Netherlands and England, we ended up in the small village of Uciechów. Many people can not imagine that we went to live in Poland, but the country offers many advantages. For Mathijs, that is mainly the space, the region and the potential of this area and of course the freedom in doing business and for Anna the fact that we live close to our Polish family and friends. Our daughter goes to school with pleasure and has many extracurricular activities.

Since 2005 we have started an ‘agroturystyka’ with a camping, room rental and restaurant. At the beginning it was sometimes a struggle, but with some perseverance and a tempered expectation pattern we have built something beautiful in our opinion.

Our campsite, formerly a sand excavation-site, is beautifully hidden in this landscape. The lake can not be seen from the road because it originated at the location of the excavated sand. Because of the planting with birch and pine trees the campsite is nicely integrated into the surrounding nature. The campsite is located in a rural area, but in comfortable distance of the medium-sized town of Dzierżoniów for all your daily needs.

In this region you will not only find the vast fields and agriculture. From the campsite there is a good view of the Owl Mountains and the Slęża mountain. About twenty minutes in the car and you are in the woods of the hills of the Owl Mountains. This mountain range is part of the Giant Mountains on the border with the Czech Republic. Twenty minutes west of the campsite and you are in the nature reserve ‘Massief Ślęża’ that can be recognized by the lonely mountain surrounded by plains.

In this rare and beautiful setting our campsite offers a wide variety of spacious, beautifully situated camping pitches: sheltered by birch trees and willow trees or with a panoramic view, on the water or just from there, shade or sun, lots of privacy or in a row next to each other, everything is possible.

We wish you a nice holiday with us!

Mathijs, Anna en Jaśmina van Dijk

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